A permanent place to live means stability, which is something few of us get in foster care. We were so close to the completion of Foster Share House. I’m just not going to give up on these kids or my dream of helping youth transition out of foster care with dignity and support for a better life,



Kevinee Gilmore


Foster Share House is a multifamily home located in the Larchmere section of Cleveland. Kevinee Gilmore purchased it for the express purpose of renting to former foster youth. Gilmore is a former foster youth turned advocate who is dedicated to helping young adults overcome the hardships they face when they leave the foster care system at age 18. Kevinee's dream is to buy abandoned homes around Cleveland, renvate them and create homes for kids who have recently left the foster care system. Four former foster youth were set to move into this home in June, but the house was robbed, derailing their plans.

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Kevinee was attending the prestigious BGC Charity Day event in NYC where celebrities would be in attendance. She thought to herself, "Why should I just take selfies with celebrities? I’ll turn this into an opportunity to raise awareness for foster care." Kevinee made a sign reading #FosterCare and asked the celebrities if they’d take a picture with her holding the sign. Kevinee didn't take it that seriously at first, but the trend really caught on. Today former foster youth in Anchorage, Baltimore, Brooklyn, New Orleans and beyond are participating in the campaign. Kevinee and her advocates have since taken photos with Bill and Hillary Clinton, Stevie Wonder, Oprah Winfrey, Magic Johnson, among many others.

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